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The Problem of Energy Poverty:

Energy poverty affects over 1.3 billion people worldwide. Lack of access to reliable electricity has major implications for these people, from public health to crippling economic burdens.

In Sierra Leone, most schoolchildren use kerosene lanterns and candles for studying. Many  have poor ventilation and fuel-based lighting poses serious debilitating health hazards such as respiratory illnesses and pediatric burns.  Solar lights provide a smokeless light source while decreasing air pollution and eliminating the risk of burns from lighting.

Children using a kerosene lamp to study
Children using a kerosene lamp to study




So what Can I do?

  • Sponsor a light- Your gift of $12 provides a high quality light to a child like Sorie.
  • Sponsor an entrepreneur- Your gift of $100 will provide an entrepreneur in a developing country with the ability to start his or her own business.
  • Sponsor a school- Your gift of $500 will give a classroom the gift of clean, safe solar lighting. Students who can study in brighter light have better educational outcomes.