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What We Do

Sorie After Operations

At The Sorie Project,

Our mission is to prevent pediatric burns through entrepreneurship and education. We partner with local entrepreneurs in developing nations to create sustainable businesses which help them to benefit their communities.


We empower Entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Togo to create a sustainable business marketing solar lamps to their local communities. Instead of being forced to use dangerous kerosene to light their homes, these consumers have a safer, more cost-efficient option which pays for itself in just a couple of months.

Lydia is one of our Entrepreneurs in Ghana
Lydia is one of our Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Education Program:

Your purchase helps put lights like this in the hands of students. (Photo credit:d.Light Design)

We work with schools in developing countries like Sierra Leone, to educate their students on fire safety, and to help make their families and communities safer. The children can use the solar lamps to study and perform other tasks. You can invest in these entrepreneurs with your donations for business startups in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Togo to spread safe, efficient and cost effective solar lights.